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Bravecto True Facts
Bravecto is a controversial Tick and Flea treatment for dogs and cats, containing an insecticide ingredient called “Fluralaner”.
“What you need to know, but the manufacturer doesn’t tell…..”



Bravecto is a controversial Tick and Flea treatment for dogs and cats, containing an
insecticide ingredient called “Fluralaner”.

On Facebook Groups about the side effects of “Bravecto” many heartbreaking personal stories are being told by dog owners who gave their pet the tick- and flea treatment “Bravecto”, and after that their pet got ill and died... MSD / MERCK, the manufacturer of the product, speaks about “the social media” giving pet owners “misleading” and “inaccurate” information about Bravecto.

This page tells you the other side of the story....


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True Fact 1 - Officially reported side effects
The number of side effects (adverse reactions) reported to the international authorities is one of the highest of all tick & flea treatments. These are the most recent numbers of the European Medicines Agency:

* EMA Report 09-2019 :
– reported adverse reactions after administration of Bravecto: 11.265
– reported deaths after administration of Bravecto: 2875
   (For animals approximately only 1 % of all the side effects is being reported)

* New side effect on the medication leaflet;
The manufacturer of Bravecto (MSD / MERCK) must adapt the medication leaflet with a new side effect: "convulsions"

Watch the reported side effects of Bravecto - Nexgard - Simparica - Comfortis here:

True Fact 2 - Only 1% is being reported
The number of dog owners that actually do report side effects they have seen with their animals is very low. For animals approximately only 1 % of all the side effects is being reported. For human medication approximately only 10 % of the side effects is being reported. Many vets also don’t report, and owners often don’t recognize side effects too. So the true number of side effects is very likely to be much higher.
True Fact 3 - The medication leaflet *Many symptoms not included* treatment for puppies
A. On the medication leaflet of Bravecto (tablet) only the following side effects are indicated: “Vomiting, Decreased appetite, Diarrhea, Lethargy, Polydipsia, Flatulence”. The side effects reported by owners include many other symptoms, that are not included on the medication leaflet of Bravecto (see under “true fact 4”).

B. Treatment rules for puppies differ a lot by country.
On the European medication leaflet it says about the treatment of puppies: “Special precautions for use with animals: The veterinary drug should not be used with puppies younger than 8 weeks and/or dogs that weigh less than 2 kg.” (end of quote). On other medication leaflets, like the one in America, it indicates something completely different: “Precautions: Bravecto has not been shown to be effective for 12-weeks duration in puppies less than 6 months of age.” (end of quote) – Why can puppies in Europe be exposed to the poisonous drug (Fluralaner) at this very young age of 8 weeks, whilst in other countries they advise the age of 6 months?

True Fact 4 - Many other side effects?
Dog owners found many other serious side effects after administration, that they reported to the international Facebook groups about bravecto, and/or to the international authorities:
1. Excessive thirst 2. Dehydration 3. Nausea 4. Panting 5. Pink colored skin 6. Foot soles feeling very warm 7. Difficult/fast breathing 8. Gasping for air (heart arrhythmia) 9. Change in behavior (fear, aggression) 10. Low red blood cells count (anemia) 11. High white blood cells count 12. Elevated liver values 13. Elevated kidney values 14. Weight loss 15. Vomiting blood 16. Bloody diarrhea 17. Intestinal bleeding 18. Abdominal pain 19. Increased heart rate 20. Loss of consciousness 21. A sudden loss of condition 22. Inflammation of the stomach and/or intestines 23. Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) 24. Inflammation of the Gallbladder 25. High fever 26. Inflammation of the skin 27. Hair loss 28. Hepatic impairment 29. Liver failure 30. Renal impairment 31. Kidney failure 32. Muscle weakness 33. Muscle tremor. 34. Seizures / epilepsy 35. Vision loss 36. Blindness 37. Cardiac arrest 38. Sudden death
True Fact 5 - Lack of information
Many veterinarians don’t include a medication leaflet when you buy Bravecto. So you don’t receive important information about the insecticide that is inside the product. Many vets also don’t inform customers about the (risk of) side effects. On the medication leaflet it says: “Precautions: Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after use of the product. Do not store with food, drinks, medication or household products.” (end of quote)
True Fact 6 - Very toxic to aquatic organisms
On the “Material Safety Data sheet” MSD Animal Health states: “Risk Phrases: R50 Very toxic to aquatic organisms” (end of quote)
True Fact 7 - Risk parasite born diseases
On the medication leaflet it says: “Parasites need to start feeding on the host to become exposed to Fluralaner; therefore the risk of the transmission of parasite borne diseases cannot be excluded.” (end of quote) Very strange....Isn’t that just what this product is all about, excluding tick born diseases?
True Fact 8 - Bravecto and seizures / epilepsy
On the website of MSD/MERCK the following remark was published about Bravecto: “Use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. Seizures have been reported in dogs receiving Fluralaner, even in dogs without a history of seizures.” (end of quote). Still “seizures” and “epilepsy” are not included on the medication leaflet of Bravecto. Why isn’t it?
True Fact 9A - The toxin “Fluralaner" now also as pesticide in chickens
Despite the very high number of reported side effects of the toxin "Fluralaner" in the tick and flea treatment "Bravecto", the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has decided to authorize "MSD Animal Health" in the summer of 2017 for marketing of the drug "Exzolt" which contains the same active pesticide ingredient. So now it can also be used for treatment against blood lice in chickens (by adding it in the drinking water).

A remarkable decision, given the controversy about "Fluralaner"., and certainly now, just after the egg crisis in Europe, which revolves around a similar controversial toxic agent (fipronil), which coincidentally is also used in tick and flea drugs (for instance "Frontline").

True Fact 9B - Manufacturer MSD/MERCK systematically keep denying
The puppy “Qrispy” was treated with Bravecto, and within 15 hours she got seriously ill, and nearly died. Just one example out of many. Over and over again dogs get ill and dogs die after administration of the tick and flea treatment Bravecto. World wide tv news channels did a program about the controversial tick and flea treatment and the serious side effects it has been suspected to cause.
Disappointingly many vets refuse to confirm a relationship with Bravecto, even when no other explanation for illness and death is found. A very remarkable attitude. The manufacturer MSD/MERCK keeps denying any relationship too. But then again, that’s not very surprising...
However, more and more vets see things going wrong in their own practice: dogs and cats with serious side effects, or animals even dying after administration of Bravecto. These vets then decide to stop selling the controversial treatment definitively.
True Fact 9C - Dr. Judy Morgan - BRAVECTO-PLUS
This is absolutely incredible, but once again MSD Animal Health (Intervet) wants to bring a new product to the market (pipette / spot-on for cats), with in addition to the toxic "Fluralaner" (against ticks and fleas) an extra added toxin called "moxidectin" (against all kinds of worms). As if not enough animals are already getting ill and die after administration of Bravecto! The name of this new product: "BRAVECTO PLUS". And even more dubious, the EMA intends to also allow this product on the European market! What on earth are they thinking !

True Fact 10 - Wonderful natural solution without chemicals: Coconut oil in the fur
Lauric acid in coconut oil has a strong repellent effect, which makes your dog or cat very unattractive as a host for ticks and fleas. And this is a great advantage compared to the chemical treatments, that are based on “poisoning” the insects. (they often contain neurotoxic poisons, which can even cause seizures and other very serious side effects)



True Fact 11 - Anti Bravecto petition offered to the Ministry in The Netherlands
True Fact 12 - RADAR Broadcast
Bravecto Tick and Flea treatment (English subtitles)



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